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Finalborgo is a member of the select club ‘Borghi più belli d’Italia’, the most picturesque small towns and villages of Italy. The historic capital of the Marchesato del Carretto is a real jewel. Its ancient and perfectly preserved walls enclose the beautiful San Biagio cathedral, the cloisters of Santa Caterina and the Tribunal building.


Pedestrianisation and the restoration of the historic monuments over the past few years has made possible a virtuous circle which has seen the growth of a wide variety of small commercial, artisan and gastronomic enterprises, rejuvenating the area. Given its strategic location and numerous specialty shops, Finalborgo is also the favourite hangout of biker, climbers and hikers.


To complete the tourist offer of Finalborgo, there are the Public Multimedia Library and the beautiful Archaeological Museum, both located in the cloisters of Santa Caterina. Opened in 1931 this museum preserves important prehistoric archaeological finds that document over 350,000 years of human presence in Finale Ligure’s territory.