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In the upper valley of the Aquila torrent, 7 km away from the centre of Finale Ligure, rises the municipality of Orco Feglino. The road that leads from Finalborgo to Feglino is overlooked by some of the most beautiful and sumptuous cliffs of the entire finale hinterland. Not by chance, Orco Feglino has been one of the favorite places for climbers and hikers for many years.


The town centre consists of the two villages of Feglino and Orco, the first on the bottom of the stream and the municipal seat, the second on a ridge. The two villages were included in the Aleramica brand in the 10th century, until 1091 when they became possession of Bonifacio del Vasto and later inherited in 1142 by Enrico I Del Carretto, the founder of the Marquisate of Finale.


The feudal lords built a castle in the village of Ogre, enclosed by defensive walls and a tower. In the sixteenth century it became territory of Spain until 1713, when it was purchased by the Republic of Genoa.