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Perti and the montesordo valley

Immediately behind Castel Gavone rises the settlement of Perti, a settlement of Roman origins whose name derives from that of the border that divided the territory of the Sabazi from that of the Ingauni.


Perti Alta is directly reachable on foot from Finalborgo through the charming Via Berretta, which starts from Piazza del Tribunale and then climbs along Mount Bechignolo, passing from the ancient palaces to the Mediterranean maquis and skirting the two castles of Finalborgo, first Castel San Giovanni and then Castel Gavone.


Continuing towards the inland you will reach the valley of Montesordo, a real paradise for hikers and climbers. There are some of the most beautiful climbing walls in Finale, such as the imposing Rocca di Perti, the cave Grotta dell’Edera, Bric dei Frati and Bric Scimarco.